A'Tuin's Wild Ride

Hanging out by the lake

After the others headed into the woods, O-In revisited the field of crashed ships, following a hunch about what might be left behind. Working through the wrecks of dozens of ships, he quickly amassed a collection of small, interesting items – a few books, some small statues, and a collection of items of obscure purpose and value. Unfortunately, this pile quickly became unmanageable – exceeding the mesh bag he had brought. After lowering the overfull bag to the small dune alongside the wreckage of a Techno-Union Iblis-class heavy freighter, its blocky, pyramidal fuselage slightly on its side, he took a break. As O-In stared at the high-end collectibles he’s salvaged, and at the dozens of ships remaining, he sighed ruefully. There’s almost no way he could possibly retrieve all the relics that are likely to be in these ships – especially the larger ones in the lake.

He suddenly smiled, and headed back into the Jade Iblis – he’d seen a collection of TN prospecting droids in the shielded cargo hold, though most looked damaged. With some work, O-In reactivated one of the sturdy droids – mostly by scavenging parts from five others. Soon, he had a flat-topped, thick-bodied hoverdroid at his side – able to carry everything he had found so far, and a fair bit besides – it revealed its designation as TN-SR.

The two walked along the lake toward a beautiful Hadrian Gossamer-class sloop, the droid suddenly slipped lakeward by almost a meter. TN-SR quickly reoriented itself and caught up with O-In, chirping in consternation. This happened several more times, each about 20 minutes apart, and synchronized with the pulses of blue light within the lake.

Now more concerned about the light and its apparent effects, O-In and TN-SR headed back to the A’tuin. Quickly securing the droid to the ship, in hopes it won’t drift too far into the water, O-In put on his breather and headed into the lake. The ships crashed here were much larger than most of those on the shore – the potential wealth that could be obtained from the holds of a Neutron Star or Nebulon B was simply incalculable.

Putting aside thoughts of wealth, O-In quickly located the source of the blue light – a tower rising from the lake bed near the wreckage of a Mon Cala ship. Except…the frigate looked to be really good condition – it had settled on the bottom in good trim, unlike all the other ships that seem to have crashed nose first. And in the fading light of the afternoon, it seems like there may be large things swimming about the sunken ship. Rather than risk tackling them alone, O-In headed back to the surface to wait for his teammates to return.

They were definitely going to have to deal with whatever…whoever…was at the bottom of the lake.



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