A'Tuin's Wild Ride

Data Log Entries Rok's Journal Entries from the first day at the Citadel.

Data entry: Evening the citadel. This place is amazing. The power of the force is all around. I’ve felt the force and used it before but the things that are possible here are unimaginable. There is so much I could learn here; but we have so much left undone. Our call to the Slaver ship, the return to the junk world. Perhaps we’ll find some answers to that here. Don’t forget we still need to discuss payment. Seems Wen Yenbo got a new friend today too. Hope that doesn’t come back to bite us all in the tail.

Data Entry: Morning. Woke up refreshed. I feel called to the crystals here. Memories or visions, something is calling me. I’m not sure whether to run and hide or embrace it. The Force is deep like the sands of the great desert. The surface is hot and electric but the depths of power here are so great just like the coolness of the center of a dune. But it moves and flows so much. I swear I felt mother and father in the force. The stories of Jedi I heard about Uncles Hondo’s exploits during the Clone Wars. If at one time the force moved like it does here, no wonder, they were so powerful.

Data Entry: Afternoon. Someone is calling me. Checked the comms and the vents, nothing. It’s loudest in the atrium coming from somewhere deep below. Wen Yenbo nodded at me and said I should seek it out if I want to. I don’t know where to even begin in this place. My understanding of the force is growing just by seeing how it works here. Where do I start to read? So many libraries where do I even go to begin?



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