A'Tuin's Wild Ride

Aftermath and a Dream

Klaxons scream. O-in yells out, “Get on board. We’re leaving now!” Dozens of security personnel flood the hanger bay. The loading ramp slowly starts to raise. Wen Yenbo stands resolute out, “Go if you must, I’m staying.” Mac-tu Rok grabs hold of the Kel Dor’s arm pulling him back toward the loading ramp, “Master! Please!!!” pain and fear in his voice. The Kel Dor brushes him off looks at him with disappointment and strolls toward the hoard.
Rok turns jumps up the ramp and turns as it shuts behind him looking out. Slamming his fist into the hull next to the plastisteel. Watching as Wen Yenbo is swarmed and overtaken by a swarm. “No! Master Why!!” The hoard parts and three figures stand where Wen Yenbo was. Two ISB agents and a chrome clad figure, circled with lightening. It’s eyes open and dark lightening crackles out after the ship. Striking through the hull and directly into Rok. Rok rolls on the hull dark energy crackling over him and a metallic voice calls, “Join us or die…”
Rok’s eyes jolt open his sweat soaked berth on the ship echoing with the sound of the whisper. When he came in here hours ago it was filled with refugees. Now it’s empty.
He peels off his shirt, blood stain soaking the sleeve. It was a dream, just a bad dream. Pulling on a clean shirt he palms open the door and a refugee kid tumbles into the room. Sighing he steps over the child, It’s cold here on the ship even with all these people. Refugees speak in a whisper and point at him as he carefully winds his way to Wen Yenbo’s quarters.
“Master?” Rok opens the door steeping in. Wen Yenbo sits kneeling in his room in meditation. Steeping closer. “Master? Are you upset with me?”
“No. It’s not wise to be quick to anger…. Or impulsive for that matter. Come, sit with me.” Intones Wen Yenbo motioning to a spot beside him. “Calm your emotions, reach out, and let the force guide your thoughts.”
Rok kneels beside Wen Yenbo and tries to do as instructed. Breathing in and out slowly trying to reach out to the force. But meditation never comes easy.
“Tell me, what do you feel?” Wen Yenbo asks quietly.
“I feel cold… Should we have stayed? Was it cowardice on my part? I feel I almost lost you, Master.” The questions tumble out of Rok. Wen Yenbo indicates to slow down. Sighing, Rok continues slowly,” I’m torn. Why did we go there? We didn’t settle anything. But it felt like the place we were supposed to go?”
Calmly Wen Yenbo begins, “The facility is shrouded in darkness. The force led us there for a reason, I am sure we have not seen the last of it. I was wrong to have wanted to stay. And I shouldn’t have put you in the position to choose between following me, and following the crew. You shouldn’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. We did what little we could by getting these few off the ship. I am sure, when it is appropriate to speak with them we will learn a great deal more about that facility. We might even learn a weakness that we can exploit. Don’t let your feeling betray you. You are right to feel conflicted, we must do what is right. But that is not always so clear.”
“Thank you Master. I’ll keep that in mind.” Rok stands and opens the door. The smell of fear and sweat fill his nostrils as he steps back into the hall.
So many refugees. What are we going to do. Why is it so cold?



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