A'Tuin's Wild Ride


Well, we’ve crashed in some sort of ship graveyard, though a relatively hospitable one, at least on the surface.
Wreckage from several ships is nearby, and Fifties assures me that they all lost power shortly after crashing – much like the A’tuin. That’ll make escaping a bit trickier. At least we’ve got some room for the folks we rescued to spread out – the cave Wen Yanbo found is fairly decent, and we’ll probably be safe from most of the local fauna.

I’m disturbed by Rok’s assertion that there is some sort of flashing light in the depths of the lake – if they were friendly, why have they not approached us? I think we’ll have to check that out soon, but we need to make sure our refugees are secure. I think we need to set up a small council, to see to things while we are gone. Deb has shown herself to have a cool head – I’m sure Fifties will support me in putting her in charge. I think Liana Keller will also be a good choice – she seems to have the respect of most of the children and adults, and from some conversations we’ve had, apparently has a background in agricultural administration. For a third, i’m not sure, but Gon Fudo has been willing to step forward at the drop of a hat – even when no one asked for help. We may regret it later, but he is able to sway a fair number of folks.



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