A'Tuin's Wild Ride

More Repairs and More Reflections

Limping into Serenno, Mek was initially struck by the pastoral beauty of the planet. The sudden lurching of the crippled A’Tuin quickly snapped him back to his duty: landing her safely and getting help for the refugees on board. Utilizing the maneuvering thrusters’ max capabilities to counteract the damaged engine, he carefully set the ship down at the designated pad, and let the ship shudder to a halt.

Already running through the list of things needed to begin repairs to the ship, Mek was shocked but not dismayed when the Serenno (Serennese? Serennoan? He made a mental note to check later) personnel offered the use of their repair facilities. He’d been contemplating a few quick and dirty upgrades to a couple systems, and this would be the perfect opportunity to implement them.

It wasn’t until several hours later, jumpsuit splattered with lubricant, that Mek realized that he could technically be considered a hero. Looking back over the last several days, it was just like the stories he’d grown up with; action, adventure, danger, triumph, and despair. But it felt all wrong. He didn’t feel like a hero. Mostly he’d felt scared and desperate, lost and out of his depth.



Right action comes when we are at peace, and one with the Force.

But he wasn’t as sure about that as he used to be. After all, he’d witnessed his companions all do incredible things with the force, but they didn’t seem especially enlightened, or particularly wise, or even all that special in any way (seemingly random Force ability aside). What could that mean?



There was a Right and a Wrong. Mek knew this; it was the very fibre of his being. He would do his best to be the Right, to act as an example to his friends…

Mek blinked mid-thought. But yes, he supposed this rag-tag group of strangers had become his friends. He couldn’t remember really having many friends before. Although, he supposed, a few life-and-death close calls could bring even the oddest of groups together.



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