A'Tuin's Wild Ride

Intercepted transmission 2

Fifties data hooks strike again

Appearing on Fifties data taps, cypher not used since the mid rim trade dispute. Voices are unidentifiable

A- What are you doing?
B- We have to land here, that ship is the only one that we can reach before the engine fully quits.
A- We have a hole in the hull not an engine breach, those Naboo fighters hit us hard. The Naboo are a fairly peaceful people. What do you mean we have to land there?
B- The hull breach is in the engine compartment, if it gets worse in this nebula we’re toast, our sensors didn’t pick up anything inside here, this cloud wall is scaring me. If what’s at the centre is what I think it is we’re in huge trouble if it pulls us too close.
A- I don’t want to think about that.
B- Anyway if they hadn’t given us that beacon to home in on we’d have been in that annoying vortex in the middle of this.
A- They sounded like a cult, both of their voices sounded off. I don’t think this is going to end well for us.

Message breaks up at this point.



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