A'Tuin's Wild Ride

In Darkness, Searching for Light

It was dark, and… cold? Cold wasn’t the right word, since the feeling was inside his brain and not on his skin, but Mek— was finding fewer appropriate words to describe his sensations as of late.

He’d been thinking back to the stories of his childhood frequently. More and more, they seemed to leave out so many important details; details that would prove quite useful at this particular moment.

He’d come across passing references of some sort of trial that Jedi had to pass to become Jedi, but it was his understanding that that was after some kind of training, or preparation, or at least a quick talk about what to expect. But now, here he was, wandering alone through the dark while voices clamored for attention inside his head.

He wasn’t even supposed to be alone. Wen Yanbo had been with him, until he’d caught a glimpse of that crystal. He’d found himself darting down a pitch-black corridor after without even thinking, and the next thing he knew, he was alone in the dark. He thought about calling out, but he wasn’t sure what would respond in here.

He could feel a presence, the skin-crawling sensation of being watched. Blinking, his eyes straining against the dark, he caught sight of a dim glow ahead. He could feel the crystal calling out in his mind, a pure note amidst the chaos.

Mek carefully made his way forward; he desperately wanted to run, to get as far from this place as he could. Even so, he knew deep inside that this crystal was important somehow. And now, here it was. Well, sort of. He was looking over the edge of a cliff into an abyss of blackness. Even so, there on a ledge 2-3 meters below him was the crystal, gleaming radiantly, it’s beckoning song overpowering the fear and doubt and chaos in his mind.

Rummaging around in his pockets, he pulled out a length of cord and a small filter wrench. The grasping mechanism on the wrench looked to be just the right size to fit the crystal. Dropping it over the edge, he lowered it slowly. The last thing he wanted to do was knock it into the void below. Mek moved as slowly as he could, trying to keep the contraption from swinging too wildly. Holding his breath, he dropped it the last few centimeters, and let out an audible gasp. He’d done it! Now he just had to pull it up and find his way out of here…



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